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2012-2013 Dr. Yiannopoulos acted as Counsel for two press sub distributors against total claims of 3.500.000 € by one of the two major, Press Distribution Agencies of the Greek Market . Part of the dispute involved Arbitration proceedings in Athens.

2012/9 Dr. Panayiotis Yiannopoulos, Senior Partner of the firm, acted as local counsel for the Greek part in parallel proceedings involving the return of paintings of a well known, Greek-american artist to his heirs.

2012 Dr. Yiannopoulos represented successfully the Greek subsidiary of an Italian multinational company of the food industry against two major Greek Banks in a dispute over post dated banknotes . The Civil Court of 1st Instance granted a Freeze injunction against the defendant banks prohibiting them from seeking collection of the banknotes. The Firm currently is representing the company in the respective appellate proceedings.

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